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Automated Mushroom Growing Kit with 12 PF Tek Jars Sterile Substrate For Sale

Automated Mushroom Growing Kit with 12 PF Tek Jars Sterile Substrate
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Automated Mushroom Growing Kit with 12 PF Tek Jars Sterile Substrate:


Orders placed after Tuesday, March 26th, will ship on Monday, April 1st.

What else will I still require? One 12cc spore/culture syringe of yourfavorite species and some household items(bleach, paper towels, etc).

- Integrated System Operates the included: LED Lights, Airflow System, Humidifier and Humidity Controller

- Includes 2 Boxes for fruiting of mushrooms (16 Quarts Each), predrilled for airflow system.

- Automated system allows easy operation without daily interaction to maintain humidity at USER selectedSET point - Even 90%-95%-100!!% Relative Humidity!! A challenge with typical systems using Perlite, Etc...

- Ultrasonic Humidifier activates with controller to create a fine mist (If you look at the pictures with the birthed cakes you can see the stream of humidity coming from the black nozzle in the tote)

- Constantpositive pressureairflow through chambers keep CO2 levels extremely low.

- High Efficient LED Lightingpre-wired toeach chamber.

- Includes 12 Wide Mouth Kerr Half Pint PF Tek Style jars READY for inoculation. BRF/VERM + minerals/nutrients (Sterilized in AutoClave @ 15psi) Made Fresh Upon Order. Organic & non GMO Brown Rice Flour freshly ground on site.

- The included Humidification System and Controller can easily be expanded using our parts or yours.

- Efficient: Uses around 1 penny per day electricity (2 pennies/day if expanded)

- Easily transition between TEK Style jars and Bulk Grow Trays

- Modular nature compartmentalizes grow - isolating species and contamination

INLCUDES small bag of vermiculite for 'Dunk and Roll' technique to increase yields

Includes Detailed Setup Instructions. Discreet and Efficient UPS Shipping to your address.

NOTE** This system is a complete 2 incubation box unit. Contact us for free plans describing inexpensive expansion method using parts purchased locally.

NOTICE** These systems were designed to grow gourmet mushrooms (Oyster, Lion's Mane, Shiitake, etc). We assume our products are being used to grow edible gourmet mushrooms. In return for your consideration we will maintain your privacy and are happy to answer questions regarding the growing of gourmet mushrooms. Buyer assumes all liability for the use/misuse of this product.

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