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America Aeroponics Aero-Gozie642A, 42 Sites, Dual Pumps, tall Plant support.-7ft For Sale

America Aeroponics Aero-Gozie642A, 42 Sites, Dual Pumps, tall Plant support.-7ft

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America Aeroponics Aero-Gozie642A, 42 Sites, Dual Pumps, tall Plant support.-7ft:

This sale is for AeroGozie 642A a 42 site Aeroponic System by AmericanAeroponics with a built-in Plant (support Structure) stakingModel:Aero-Gozie 642A, 42 SitesDiscreetly labeled, professionally packaged and shipped within 10 business daysNEW Aero-Gozie 642AManufacturer: American AeroponicsDesigned specifically for indoor cultivation under a grow light, the Aero-Gozie642A system has 42 plant sites.
This system includes:36 Built-in Plant Support Structure Base for Staking plants up to 7 ft tall35 Gallon nutrient reservoirSix 57 inch. grow chambersOne Powerful 240 gallons/hour injection PumpA 57 Inch System ControllerOne Powerful 110 Gallons/hour drain PumpCollapsible Injection manifoldSystem Support structure3 inch Grow Sites
Shipping:PLEASE NOTE:Because of the high demand for this item it is Shipped within 10 Business days.
Product Features:Designed specifically for indoor cultivation under a grow light, the Aero-Gozie436A site system has 28 plant sites in a spacious Staggered plant sites design. It also features the generous 35-gallon easy to update reservoir.Designed to grow vegetables and plant up-to 7 feet tall with a reliable ¾ inch PVC pipe.Designed with a 1 foot spaces to grow robust plants with spacious branches unlike other systems.Reservoir located 2 feet away from plant chambersEquipped with a 60 inch System controller.A collapsible fogging Manifold (optional)Totally photo proof manifolds.One Cyclic 5 -60 Seconds Timer.Elevation is 7inches above the ground.
Aero-Gozie Unique Features1. American Aeroponics is the first to introduce the speed-fit technology into Aero-Hydro industry eliminating those clumsy, untidy and hard to clean injection manifolds. No screws, threading or unreliable manifolds but just snap and go.2. Both The nutrient and fog injection manifolds can be disintegrated and reassembled in a matter of minutes.3. Aero-Gozie can be operated from anywhere in the World as long as there is internet access and connection to the garden. (There are presently 4 series of Aero-Gozie viz: 428A, 436A, 642A and 654A respectively).4. Both the injection and fogging manifolds are totally photo proof.5. The reservoirs are located at least 2 feet away from the plant chambers.6. The reservoir can be replaced at any time without problems or technical expertise.7. Aero-gozie has 2 pumps (injection and drain pumps) and does not rely on law of gravity.8. Aero-Gozie seats 7 inches high from the floor.9. Aero-Gozie is double aerated. The controller and the reservoir are both having oxygen pumped into the nutrients solution continuously.10. The Reservoir is accessible. The reservoir can be washed at any time during the plant growing period to prevent any form of pathogen. The reservoir can be opened and physically inspected.11. The Controller is equipped with 4 drain sprouts to let nutrient out while the plants are growing.12. The controller also has 6 elevated access points for physical inspection and cleaning all located along the entire length of the controller.13. The plant chambers each has a 4 inch elevated access points with a photo proof cap.14. AeroGozie introduced a fogging manifold to the systems and you can add a fogger to your system when you are ready.15. AeroGozie Introduced the plant support structure (staking pipes) to sustain plants up to 6 feet high for most economic plants thereby making the spider web method a thing of the past. Now you can grow robust plants to full maturity without falling down.16. Each plant chamber is spaced 6 to 8 inches away from one another.17. The staggering configuration of the plant sites allow for healthy spreading of plant's branches to enhance excellent growth and harvest.18. Each plant site is 6 to 9 inches away from another plant site in the next chamber.
FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT: aerogozie.com jennels.com or americanaeroponics.com

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