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9 Pods Indoor Hydroponics System Plant Herb Garden Growing Kit w/LED Grow Light For Sale

9 Pods Indoor Hydroponics System Plant Herb Garden Growing Kit w/LED Grow Light

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9 Pods Indoor Hydroponics System Plant Herb Garden Growing Kit w/LED Grow Light:


Type: Hydroponic Growing System

Material: ABS + PC

Color: White

Light Source: LED

Voltage: 24V

Current: 1A

Rated Power: 24W

LED Light: 100pcs

Water Tank Capacity: 4L

Control Mode: Brightness Adjustment

Lamp Type: Full Spectrum + Red and Blue


Hydroponics Growing System: This product is hydroponic planter, soilless cultivation, mainly planting vegetables, flowers, small plants and so on.It allows up to 9 plants to grow at a time.

LED Grow Lights: High performance, full spectrum LED high efficiency grow lighting system in your smart indoor planter is tuned to the needs of plants to promote photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth. The LED grow light can accelerates plant growth, while making flowers bloom more brightly.

Three Light Modes: The light board can be turned 180 degrees, and there are three modes to switch between: all-white, red-blue, red-blue-white. Irradiation area and irradiation mode can be adjusted freely according to plant growth cycle.Turn on the white light separately and turn to adjust the Angle of the lamp surface to make a practical lamp.

The lamp frame has a telescopic function: the telescopic rod can be adjusted according to the height of the plant, and the plants that are sprouting or have grown up can be planted in the hydroponic tank.

Intelligent water shortage protection: Built-in water alarm, water level consumption to the critical line, warning light will flash alarm to remind, to avoid water shortage, fertilizer, hypoxia.

Intelligent water circulation system: Intelligent water pump provides sufficient oxygen for plant roots and promote plant growth. Ensure that the water flow in the tank, fertilizer and water mix fully.

Intelligent cycle timing: 4/8/12 hours timing, 24 hours automatic cycle, according to the plant growth cycle required light set time.

Large Water Tank Capacity: 4L large capacity, with a visual window. Easy to observe water level when filling water, so as not to add too much water overflow.

Cassette Controller: It can be put away when you are not using it, beauty and convenient.

Widely Application: Our hydroponic gardening system is with 9 pods slot, which can grow mint, basil, thyme, dill, parsley, salad green, herbs, lettuces, cherry, tomatoes, rosemary, peppers, flowers, strawberries and so on, more fit for small plants.The indoor hydroponics growing system can be placed anywhere indoor such as kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, office etc.

A Convenience Garden: The indoor garden could support you to grow up the organic vegetable, you not only could have fun to plant, but also could enjoy the health vegetable at home.

The Advantages of Hydroponic Cultivation:

No soil, no pests.

LED lights make veggies grow faster.

No mess.

Automatic watering.

Grow veggies indoors: office, kitchen, any room.

Grow veggies throughout the year.

Package Included:

9 x Plastic Domes

9 x Plastic Brackets

9 x Grow Sponges

2 x Liquid Nutrient (A&B)

1 x Hopper

1 x Power Adapter

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