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2021 260w SAMSUNG LM301H 35K 660NM 395 UV 730 Switch 240w TOPBIN HLG RSPEC qb For Sale

2021 260w SAMSUNG LM301H 35K 660NM 395 UV 730 Switch 240w TOPBIN HLG RSPEC qb

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2021 260w SAMSUNG LM301H 35K 660NM 395 UV 730 Switch 240w TOPBIN HLG RSPEC qb:

TOP OF THE BIN- True Full Spectrum

Complete Grow Light, No Wiring, No Assembly

260W V3


LM301H 3500K UV 660nm + 660-730

Osram Opto SSL 660nm Osram Opto SSL IR 730nm (Deep Red) (IR Far Red)

Epistar 660nm Seoul Viosy NZ5 UV 395nm

Meanwell HLG 240-H Driver HLG-240H & DIMMER

New Switchable Channels (Veg & Bloom)

1). Boston, MA USA Owned & Operated

We have decades worth of knowledge, and now due to worldly circumstances, we have the time & opportunity to share our experience & passion for technology & horticulture. We will be happy to answer any or all questions before & after your harvest, absolutely free.

2). 100% Accurate Descriptions, No BS

Unlike the other majority of retailers, even the “Top sellers” on are pawning off low bin old Samsungs, fake diodes, cheap builds. & slap the “Made In America'' logo on their post.

Our Lights are what we say they are, we guarantee that!

4) 30 Day No Question Asked

Hassle-Free Returns,

And just in case your purchase was not up to your satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason we'll take it back.

4.) Same-day shipping,

Most products if ordered before 12 pm M-F we will ship same day with USPS priority mail 1-4 Day shipping

5.) 3 & 5 Year Factory warranties,

Every single diode we provide will be covered under Samsung, Cree, Seoul, Osram, & Epistar Factory 3 year warranty.

Meanwell & all other drivers 5-year warranty.


Unlike most, claiming to have a 1-year warranty we back all our grow lights with the paperwork to prove it. 100% hassle-free warranty., we even pay for the shipping.

It's safe to say a majority of the online market will use the lowest end diodes of legitimate brands. Even when it’s an actual Samsung Diode or another worldwide led brand, it doesn’t mean it's a quality product.

For instance, LM301B/H and others have multiple tiers, most of which you will find online will be the lowest cheapest bin possible available or outright fake.


We can assure you only a handful of boards are made in the USA nowadays. We here Assemble all our boards, we know who & where every component comes from. Multiple top sellers are even selling replicas of the few quality Chinese manufacturers.

On top of that Chinese sellers use fake locations & fake tracking or no tracking at all. The accounts under two years because that's how long those boards last before they are fried.

Furthermore, every lamp that arrives at your door has been tested (unless otherwise noted-factory direct) and has met all global standards + USA safety standards.

Assembled by Americans.

High Cri & Out Of This World LEDs

A stunning mix of the world's best diodes, the mix combines an amazing distribution light, lens brighter than ever, better luminous effect, more durable & extreme longevity. It comes with the newly updated QB288 V2 XL Plus (updated 12/20) Samsung LM301H Bin Diodes and the new gold standard of reds, the high Powered, Low energy Osram Opto Olson SSL Diodes (660nm Hyper Red) & 730nm (IR-Far Red) & upgraded from LG's UV, the best UV on the market, Seoul Viosy NZ2 Dome.
Each 130w board has a separate switch for on/off Veg (white only) and Full Spectrum designed to get the most out of all stages of growth in all stages.


  • 265W Watts Made Designed for all stages of grown seed to harvest

  • ·Top unique design 6063 aluminum

  • High efficiency white light QB use top bin lm301H mixed Deep Red & Far Red (660,UV, IR)

  • ·White Light Full Spectrum for better results

  • perfect performance for veg and bloom

  • Famous Meanwell 240watt driver HLG-240H-48AB/B

  • On & Off Switch` on Each Board on for Veg & FS for the remainder of growth

  • · Dimmable Power Supply included


260w V3 QB288 XL (upgraded diodes 12/2020)

LM301H 660NM UV IR (Dual Switch on each board) with Mea Dimmer, protective QB case optional with no extra cost.

  • 2x 256 pcs High Powered Samsung LM301H series. of

  • 2x 256 pcs newly updated V3 B288+XL Plus High (upgraded diodes) l

  • 2x 1Seperate On/Off Full Spectrum or Veg switch on each 130w board

  • 2x 1pcs High Powered Seoul UV 385NM

  • 2x 38pcs 2020 Epistar 660NM

  • 2x 1pcs Newest High Powered Osram Olson SSL 660NM

  • (Same as brand new HLG)

  • 2x 1pcs Newest Osram High Powered Osram Opto Olson SSL 730NM

  • 1x 6063 Aluminum Meijiu Upgraded from 10MM)

  • 1xc Meanwell driver HLG-240H-48B

  • 4x Metal hangers, plug wire, hang rings.

  • 1x adjustable yoyo

  • 5.1pc pre-soldered potentiometer.

  • 2x 1 pc QB Protective Case

  • Alien Horticulture Light Manual + Stickers

Not Satisfied with your purchase?
We accept all returns within 30 days of the purchase date.

All of our products are insured by USPS, if damaged by shipping, please contact us within 24 hours of the delivery date with pictures.



We will email you an electronic copy of your 1-year warranty after requesting, please sign and return using the E - Sign application.

All returns & warranties will be voided if any damage, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, neglect, exposure to excess moisture, power surge, fire, or other acts of nature.
All that fit the criteria will be fixed or replaced with the same item of original purchase. The shipping cost will be provided, at no cost to you.

Your LED Grow Light has been manufactured to the strictest specifications and has been designed to use only with authorized accessories and replacement parts.

All Samsungs, Cree, Osram, Epistar and any other global brand will come with a minimum of 1-3 year factory warranty. Warranties do not cover any damage, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from the installation or removal of this product from any other installation, any unauthorized tampering with this product, any unauthorized repairs, or any other cause which does not relate directly to a defect in materials and/or workmanship of this product. All Drivers include a 5 Year factory warranty.

For any other questions regarding these matters or any other information please message us.

Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays,

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