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Do hydroponic vegetables make money?

Can anyone recommend a good fertilizer mix for hydroponic vegetables (namely corn)?

Thank you, Robin Harkey

Doesn't seem to be many farms around. Is it impractical? Tired of the rat race. My pipe dream would be a small home with greenhouses in my back yard, room for a horse and a dog and be able to make a living with hydroponics. What do you think?

If your can lean to grow good hydroponic vegetables, you will have people lined up to buy them at any price if the quality is there.   

I've never had a "chemical" taste with any of my hydroponic vegetables. However, I have heard it said, that flushing the system with water 2 weeks before harvest is good.

do u use dirt or just water?
I am a new bee :
i would have that looked at
O And what type and size pump?
submersible, from 60 to 120 GPH


In regard to the brewers yeast that you copied from a book - Do you know if the requirement for brewers yeast is mandatory, or will regular yeast (like Flieshmans, used in bread)work. Better yet, What was the title of the book?

Gardening Indoors by George F. Van Patten

I purchased the 11-plant garden and am very confused. I am a first time hydroponics user and am demonstrating if hydroponics or soil works better for the city of Chicago science fair. I would like to know how to germinate the seeds. I tried just putting them in the cups and having the pump on a timer, but all i got was smelly mold. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I really need to know, so please e-mail me at

Start your seeds in vermiculite, perlite or rockwool starter cubes and transplant to the garden when they are 3 or 4 inches tall. 

As far as books go. I would get my hands on anything I can find on a subject. I am new to hydro but not new to making many different projects. I find that every book has at least one thing different than the next. That one thing may save your butt one day. Books are cheap and you don't have to plug them in. And if you need info you can take it with you to the greenhouse. Kinda tough to dop with a puter. (just my two cents) Cliff

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