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Are hydroponic strawberries better?

Please anyone: I need help in setting up a system to grow hydroponic strawberries. I have a hybrid ebb and flow gully setup--6 rain gutters each 5'long.Can I utilize this system for strawberries? Larry Middleton, WI

Hi Ron, When I try to click on "here is my drawing of the garden" (gurgle garden), it comes up "object not found". Could you please email me the jpg of that drawing. Thanks. Bernie

Ron, when adjusting my pH level, how fast of a drop in pH can the plants take. On my pH down, the bottle suggests slight increments of .5 within a 24hr period. (but I think that is when dealing with fish). What if my pH is way out of whack and is in need of a dramatic change right now? Say it is over 7 and needs to get down to 6. How fast can this change take place. I want to do it immediately.--Please help, and thank you.--Brigin down the pH.

Change it till you get it right. Just do it in small increments to keep from yo-yoing up and down. It is a good idea to check it again a few hours later after it is well mixed. 

how do I test my water supply for hardness?

I have a phototron, I dont want to sent soil samples in to get check. I cant get the budding fertilzer solution with out this process. What liquid fertilzer solution do you recomend. wes

Formula One A&B 

In these hydro systems using the fill and drain many times should it fill and drain in a 24 hr period and how long should it be full and empty?

Dear Ron,
I'm the guy who wrote from Argentina a while back. I know you recommended that I forget the whole prospect of the 11 plant garden, but I was able to build it successfuly. It turned out great with 1 1/2" PVC (which in Argentina I think is similar in internal diameter to US 1"). I got the bottle caps to fit and seal in each PVC opening perfectly and I installed a flow control valve at the entry point into the system. My question is this: is a 200-300 gph pump (the smallest I could find) still too powerful, even with the flow control valve? Can I make the system flood slowly enough? Or do I really have to wait until my next trip to the states to get a smaller pump?
Ideally, I need to get these Amsterdam babies germinated before Christmas... I'm anxious. I don't want to wait until that next trip to the US.
Please help. Thanks a million.
You could try what a member said a few questions back. Use a tee at the pump with one hose going to the garden and a flow control valve on the other end that flows back to the tank. That will release most of pump pressure back to the nutrient tank with the added benefit of creating air bubbles in your nutrient tank. Open or close the valve to determine how much water to pump to the garden. Ron

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