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Are hydroponic gardens cheap?

I just found your web page yesturday and think it it outstanding!!! Today I came back thinking of ordering your kit to get started ( wanted to have a working model). Now it is not there to order or see. Do you still sell the kit? Let me know, I want to get started soon!!


We are now organizing the 2001's China International Agriculture & Vegetable Fair in Shouguang City,Shandong Province, China. China has the biggest population in the world, and over the 60% population's vegetable consumption comes from Shouguang. The biggest national vegetable collection and distribution center is located in Shouguang. Shouguang's vegetables are sold to over 200 large or medium-sized cities of provinces. They are also exported to over ten countries and regions such as: Hong Kong, Macao, Russia, Korea, and the Southeast Asian Countries. Nearly 100 varieties of vegetables from over 10 provinces and cities are sold in this market. So it has become a center for vegetable collection and distribution, price formation and information exchanges for the whole country. Shouguang's Vegetable Wholesale Market was appraised as one of the 10 top specialized wholesale markets on subsidiary agricultural products in the country and was also called the biggest one in China. In 1995 it was named as "The Native Place of Vegetable in China" by the state. At present, more than 500 kinds of famous and fine vegetable categories from more than 30 countries, such as America, Japan, and Holland, etc. are being planted and produced in Shouguang City. China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Fair will open in Shouguang City on 20th to 26th April, 2001.There will be over 8,000 domestic enterprises concerned with agriculture, agricultural machinery & equipment (planting, breeding, aquatic food, fruit trees, green houses, seed, ecotype protection facilities, ecotype fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, botany, flower, irrigation works, etc.) will be attending the fair. The State Ministry of Agriculture, the State Ministry of Science & Technology, the State Ministry of Financial, and the Governors in charge of agriculture in local provinces, will in attendance with their delegations at the fair. It is estimated about over 600,000 visitors will attend the six days of the Fair. The Fair will not only show the great achievements of vegetable planting and high-technology used, but also supply the best opportunity to meet the specialized enterprises for trading or hi-tech exchanging on the field of agriculture. You are warmly welcome to participate or recommend the enterprises in your country to participate the Fair. We regard this as a "Hot Commercial Opportunity", and it will make the enterprises much more popular in China--the biggest market in the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Mr. James Lee

Tel:+86 10 67189644/67160307/67157031 Fax:+86 10 67157027 Website:

Want to buy a few million hydroponic gardens.

why do the bottles you grow in have to be painted white, will the light from a HID lamp hurt the roots if the bottle is not painted please take the time to fill me in on this You are the only person I trust getting information from that wont put my garden at risk please respond and keep up the excellent work. CLUELESS

The bottles are painted to help cut down on the algae buildup caused by the light hitting the water in your garden.
A lot of people are concerned about the algae in hydroponic gardens. Even though it's not pretty, algae is your friend. You can't grow with hydroponics and not experience the green slime.
Algae is a sign of healthy water and robust life; not a sign of contamination or problems and only becomes a problem when it grows so thick as to cut off oxygen to the plant beneath. If that happens just rinse with tap water to remove

how do i care for my hydrangia bushes ?

I don't do plants, I do hydroponic gardens.

Hi Ron, I am a novice at this and my results are varied. I'm using a commercial two step nutrient solution in a drip system with perlite and metal halide lights My tomato plants do well until they start to flower, and then the leaves start to turn yellow and curl up, sometimes with brown spots. I thought they were getting too much water so cut back to 2x a day, but from what I read, most other hydroponic gardens get watered much more often. Drainage does not seem to be a problem, but my roots did look somewhat brown last time I pulled a plant...Any suggestions?

Do hydroponic gardens need to be in a greenhouse or can they be outdoors (no overhead cover).
I can imagine that rainwater could get introduced into the hydroponic solution (via the plant sites) and weaken it. Do you see this as a possible problem? Have you heard of any possible solutions?
I plan to grow tomatoes in my backyard and need to know if I require an overhead cover.
Thaning You In Advance, Oscar

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