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p>definations of hydrophonics

when did hydrophonics start in singapore

Is it safe to eat vegetables grown in hydrophonics nutrient solution media comapared to those grown in soil media

if we could see hydrophonics plants pictures it would be a nice way of learning.

Hey, Tony in Va... Where are you at? How's the bug problem coming? M, in Va, w/ tom's out the wazoo, out in the yard...

For information on Perlite use instead of Grow Rocks go to Members Projects Page and find Glen Seibert's web page and you will find info and pictures on Perlite use and/or use the search engine and type in paint strainer. I hope this helps. I am a lazy gardner and prefer Perlite to Grow Rocks as I dump the Perlite after each season. I hope this helps. Nurse Duckett

I have a small hydroponic greenhouse for growing my vegeatables & would like to try a few roses in it also. I would like to grow the long stem kind like one would purchase in a flower shop. My question is, does this take a special kind of rose plant, because the ones I grow in my yard do not have the long stems like you would purchase in a flower shop or is it just the way you grow and prune them? Thanks for your help. J.B.

Tips on finding SDR 26 (Thinwall) PVC:

This stuff can be hard to find. It is not used for general plumbing applications. Therefore, most hardware stores and do-it-yourself chains don't carry it.

To find it, try an Irrigation Systems & Equipment company near you. Try the yellow pages at, input your address, and search on "Irrigation Systems". It will list a host of comapnies in our area.

Truthfully, the EASIEST way to get this is to order it from Ron for $.25 a piece. Most of these Irrigation companies won't even sell you the small amount you need, unless they happen to have it sitting around. It will make a difference in the maintainability of your system. And no, Ron does not know me and has not paid me to say this. Good luck! - Shango

Also check out Excellent selection of Drip Irrigation Equipment and hardware. Also carry submersible pumps. No SDR 26 though.


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