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Do you have a homemade hydroponics system?

Hello everyone. I just joined the club. My question is this. I am planning on making a homemade hydroponics system with a 10 gallon aqarium. Basically the system consists of an aquarium with the nutrients in the bottom and burlap on the top holding the growing medium and a pump for aeration. I am planning on trying tomato plants in this system. Has anybody tried this or would I be better off purchasing a small commercial system?

Hey Ron I want to make a seedling/clone box. Its 1' by 2' and 2ft high. A 24" 2 bulb florescent fixture fits perfect in the box. I intend on putting my 10" by 20" seedling/clone tray in there.

Is that enough lighting for this setup? Or should I put 2 24" 2 bulb fixtures (4bulbs)?

Also, do i cover mylar all around the box?

I can vent the box out easily too, so that's not a prob.


4 is better than 2 and I would use mylar if you go with just 2 bulbs. 

Do I have to use aerator or pump to supply oxygen if greenhouse is outdoor?

It helps indoors or out.

How do I make an inexpensive NFT system, I see one on the site but can't seem to find any plans for them. Also where can I get supplies in my area inexpensivly, net pots alone run about a dollar or more each around here, not to mention expanded clay.

why do plants grow faster in only wter than in the ground


Go to:

Perhaps your answer is there. If not, contact me at

like the color

My hydrangias leaves are turn brown and dry on the edges, what is causing this. I am in west central florida

I have a small garden and a friend told me tha you can use baking soda to increase the levels of CO2. Does this sound right to you ? If so please explain.Beside from bying a CO2 regulater do you know of any other ways of increasing CO2 levels in limited space. Clay.

i need a drip set up for 4 plants in a 4'x 18 x 19.5 external reservoir. I'm first time grower and wants to keep system in check

How to grow Lettuce with hydroponics

In a NFT system.

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