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What are some tips for growing hydroponics?

I would like to know how to grow hydroponics roses? I would like to know the growing system, growing mediums, pH, EC, TDS rage, cF, light, temperature, humidity, CO2 and nutrient use for growing hydroponics roses. You can e-mail me at:

Me too.

ron i grow chile peppers and herbs in my 15 bottle sys can i use your 10-8-22 on both plants in the sys claude ps i built your 11 bot sys some time ago and having real good luck with it and now i have add to it to15 bot sys

yes it is an general purpose hydro-solution 

Have you ever grown a plant called Lion's Tail or Lion's Ear? Just looking for some insight.

I grow a plant called Horse's Tail. 

what dose epsom salt do to your plants

adds a needed supplement and makes your plants green. 

what should the pH be for strawberries and what kind of a medium should I use to shoot the plants?

5.5 - 6.8 vermiculite

Greetings all bud growers,

I have a few questions regarding growing some good kind bud in the 11 Hydro set up shown on this site.

1. First of all, how do you hold the rooted seeds in the 2 liter bottles.

Start your seeds in vermiculite and when your seedlings get big enough (about 3") then carefully place them in the 16 once solo cup with the grow rocks. Then place them in the 2-liter bottle garden.

2. What kind of lighting would you recommend, this setup will be in a large closet approx 12' long x 6' wide.

I would use 3 - 400 Watt Metal Halide or 3 High Pressure Sodium or a mix of the two.

3. I will be using a controller that is interfaced with my computer via Ethernet and using relays I can control the lighting, and the watering. What is the best schedule of lights and watering for the first 2 weeks of growth, till they start budding. 

Water ever 20 minutes for maximum force feeding the bastards. Vegetation stage lights has to be on at least 16 hours a day,  if your on a budget, or as much as 24 hours if you have deep pockets. Then change the light cycle to 12 on 12 off to induce budding.

4. I do not want to start with 11 plants, maybe 5 at first and then clone the females that way I can attain a never ending harvesting cycle.

must be a light smoker

5. What kind of mixture of Formula A Hydro solution w/ water do you use. And how large of a Rubbermaid tank do you use for the 11 Plant setup?

Read the label on the bottle and 11 gallon container is shone in my pictures but you can use any size larger than that if you don't want to fill it so often..

Any other information that you all can provide me with would be greatly appreciated, this is my first attempt at indoor gardening, only other thing I've grown is P.cubenis ...

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