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What is the best hydroponics system?


what is the best hydroponics system for watermelons?

will different concentrations of sugar affect how quickly water moves across a membrane?

Can I grow Ginger by hydroponics method on commercial basis

I loved her on Gilligan's Island.

Is the 11 plant garden suitable for growing tomato's in or should the distances between the planters be increased to allow for the growth of the tomato's when they fill out.

i have 17 diamond grow lights with 34 bulbs 3 1000dhps 14 460wattdhps some hoods need 2800 for all would like to know best place to sell these thanks 4 your help email at

hey ron, george in crescent city fl. running a 12 plant gallon system(flow)15 min on,15 min off daylite hours only. various types cherry toms doing great. larger types are all suffering blossom end rot & or radial cracking at the tops. using ionic 2 part grow & bloom solution. the system is outside & in the sun. what gives? tia,george.<>


I had a few tomatoes with end rot but that cleared up but no cracking yet which is caused by the heat. I grow under 70 percent shade cloth and is the only reason they haven't crack even though it has been in the 90's. Cover them bad boys up. Forget what the experts say. I've been told for 15 years that you can't grow in that much shade but I do it every year. Live Archive 6-20-01

Thanks, Ron!!! I read your BB everyday. I think this is the best site with the most information that I have came across, and it has encouraged me to try hydroponics... I also GREATLY enjoy your answers! I am never certain if you are answering with good humor or with a little irritations! I choose the humor, and it usually gets my day off to a wonderful start! Thanks for all of the wonderful information!

I have to admit my humor leans towered the sarcastic side but I think that is good because sarcasms without humor is like aaahhh. like aaahhh well it's like something..

i want to start growing my tomato and peppers with HID lighting instead of my VHO fluoros, i live in Akron/Cleveland Ohio and i would like to find a retail store i could buy one or two son agro 430 watt fixtures but so far all dry results. Thanks

Kenny (

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